Who do I call, write or email about a question or concern I have regarding Joey's?

You can contact our Corporate Office at 1-800-661-2123 where you will be transferred to the appropriate person. Alternatively, you can email us through this form or write to Joey's Franchising Ltd., 3048 9th Street SE, Calgary, AB, T2G 3B9.

Where can I purchase Joey's promotional items that I see in your restaurants?

Promotional items can be purchased directly from the restaurants that offer them or you can contact at 1-800-661-2123 to order.

I have food allergies. How can I find out what ingredients are used in Joey's menu items?

The restaurants have ingredient lists for some of our key proprietary items. For other items, ingredients are listed on packaging. No complete list is currently available. Nutritional panels are available for all key menus items on our website.

How can I find the location of the nearest Joey's Restaurant?

Click on Locations right here on our website. Also, each restaurant has a list of locations across Canada. The list is ideal for people who will be traveling and want to enjoy Joey's food during their trip.

Are Joey's restaurants and menu items identical across Canada?

Joey's menu items are very similar across Canada. Individual restaurants may have one or two items on their local menu that may not appear on other Joey's menus. Joey's Restaurants can customize their menu with a couple of items that may be popular in their market.

Does Joey's offer catering or delivery?

Most restaurants offer catering but not delivery. Contact your local Joey's to discuss their catering services.

Does Joey's host parties and special events in its restaurants?

Yes, simply speak to your local Joey's owner or manager and they would be more than happy to customize a party or special event just for you.

How can I get the recipe for Joey's menu items?

Joey's prides itself on its secret recipes therefore they are not offered to the public.

How do I find the prices for Joey's menu items?

Visit your local Joey's Restaurant and/or see our online menu.

Does Joey's offer "healthy" (e.g. low carb, low calorie, low cholesterol) menu items?

Joey's is committed to offering healthy choices on our menu. From offering you the choice of having your entrée poached, sautéed in lemon, or charbroiled to providing a selection of salads and vegetable side dishes. In continuing our commitment to providing our customers with healthy menu choices Joey's has also eliminated trans fats from its cooking oil.

Does Joey's have a kid's menu?

Yes. Joey's has a great kid's menu/coloring sheet offering numerous menu choices. Meal includes an entrée, a side dish, dessert and a beverage.

What are the hours of operation of Joey's Restaurants?

Please contact your local restaurant for hours of operations.

Where can I find information about employment at Joey's?

Ask your local Joey's Restaurant owner/manager about employment opportunities or fill out the online application available here our website.

How did Joey's get started in Canada and how did it evolve to where it is today?

The first Joey's Seafood Restaurant was opened in Calgary, Alberta in 1985 by founder Joe Klassen, who set out to establish a cozy neighborhood seafood restaurant. There were no other similar concepts that offered freshly prepared seafood cooked to order at affordable prices. Alot of hard work and happy customers brought us to where we are today!

Where is Joey's headquartered and why?

Joey's is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. This was the location of the very first Joey's Restaurant and where the partners of Joey's live and have strong ties to the community.

Does Joey's have any plans to expand its concept beyond North America? If so, when and where?

Although Joey's is not currently pursuing international markets; it would consider expansion outside North America given the right opportunity.

What are the most popular selling Joey's menu items?

The most popular selling menu item continues to be Joey's Famous Fish & Chips, upon which the success of Joey's has been built. The Fish & Chicken combo is also very popular for people who want the best of land and sea. Shrimp is the #1 selling seafood in North America and is also very popular on the menu.

What is the average number of guests that are served system wide each year at Joey's Restaurants?

Over 3 million guests are served system wide annually.