At Joey's we want to make every child's experience fun & entertaining. That's why I'm here to help you round up some great info,
e-coloring sheets and food for you!

Find out what you want to eat by looking at our Kids menu & enjoy your time after ordering by helping me to color me and my friends or learn some interesting info about Bullying Awareness. Click the buttons below to access the e-colouring sheet and info about Bullying awareness.

(Every Kids Menu comes with a Kids Activity Sheet & a Crayon Pack.)

Kids Menu

Choose Your Entree

1 Piece Fish
Mac & Cheese
4 Battered Shrimp
2 Chicken Fingers
2 Mini Cheese Burgers

Choose Your Side Dish

Fruit Cup
Garden Salad
White & Wild Rice
French Fries
Veggie of the Day

Choose Your Dessert

Dirt Dessert
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Fruit Cup
Ice Cream Sundae

Choose Your Drink

Fountain Drink