Discover the Best Fish and Chips Across Canada

If you’re a fish and chips aficionado, you’re in for a treat! Joey’s Fish Shack is renowned for serving some of the most delectable, golden, and crispy fish and chips in Canada. From the bustling streets of British Columbia to the historic sites of Ontario, Joey’s Fish Shack has become a culinary landmark in each town. Let’s embark on a coast-to-coast journey to explore our wonderful small-town locations, each offering the freshest catch paired with our signature, hand-cut fries.


Taste the Tradition in Prince George, BC

Prince George, known for its robust forestry industry, is also the place to enjoy our famed fish and chips. Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, Joey’s Fish Shack is a must-stop for dining.

Kamloops, BC: A Culinary Crossroads

Kamloops, a hub for sports and outdoor activities, is the perfect spot to refuel. At Joey’s Fish Shack, we pride ourselves on using locally sourced ingredients that make each bite a testament to the quality we stand for.

Grande Prairie, AB: A Community Favorite

As one of Alberta’s fastest-growing cities, Grande Prairie is bustling with energy. Joey’s Fish Shack here reflects this dynamism, serving up much-loved fish and chips that are perfect for a family treat or a quick lunch during a busy day.

Lakeside Delights in Sylvan Lake, AB

Sylvan Lake, known for its vibrant tourist attractions, hosts a Joey’s Fish Shack right in the heart of town. Drop by to enjoy our crispy fish after a day of water sports or before a leisurely stroll along the lake.

Explore Red Deer, AB’s Best

With its central location between Calgary and Edmonton, Red Deer is a key meeting point. Joey’s Fish Shack is ideally situated for you to enjoy a quick, delicious meal that complements your travel or local adventures.

Experience Local Flavor in Camrose, AB

Camrose, with its rich heritage and vibrant cultural scene, is home to one of Joey’s Fish Shack’s cozy locations. It’s the perfect setting for a relaxing meal after exploring the local arts.

Lethbridge, AB: A Culinary Staple

Lethbridge, famous for its windy climate and unique landscape, also boasts a Joey’s Fish Shack where tradition meets taste. Our recipes are designed to provide comfort on any day, windy or calm.

Dive into History in Medicine Hat, AB

In Medicine Hat, known for its historic clay district, Joey’s Fish Shack adds to the local charm by offering traditional fish and chips with a modern twist. It’s an ideal stop to unwind after a day of exploring local history.

A Taste of Heritage in Moose Jaw, SK

Moose Jaw, with its notorious tunnels and historic downtown, is a great place to enjoy a meal at Joey’s Fish Shack. Each dish is served with a side of local history and community pride.

Community and Cuisine in Weyburn, SK

Weyburn, known for its community spirit and vibrant local life, is home to a Joey’s Fish Shack where every meal is a community gathering. Enjoy our famed fish and chips in the heart of this friendly town.

Brandon, MB: More Than Just Festivals

While Brandon is celebrated for its annual festivals, Joey’s Fish Shack offers a year-round reason to visit with its excellent fish and chips, perfect for any day of the week.

Thunder Bay, ON: A Gateway to the Great Lakes

Thunder Bay, acting as a gateway to the Great Lakes, also welcomes you to one of the finest Joey’s Fish Shack locations. Refuel here with our classic dish after exploring the natural beauty of the region.

Niagara’s Best in Saint Catharines, ON

Saint Catharines, a key part of the Niagara region, is also home to Joey’s Fish Shack. Known for our crispy, golden fish, it’s the perfect complement to a day spent touring local wineries and attractions.

Leamington, ON: Enjoy Fish and Chips by the Lake

Leamington, recognized for its birdwatching and conservation areas, also boasts a Joey’s Fish Shack by the marina. It’s the ideal spot for enjoying a meal outdoors with views of Lake Erie.



Joey’s Fish Shack takes pride in serving up the best fish and chips across Canada, prepared with the finest ingredients and a passion for great food. Each location is deeply integrated into its community, offering more than just a meal, but an invitation to experience local flavors and hospitality. Find your nearest location and join us for a truly Canadian dining experience!