At Joey’s Fish Shack we love seafood so we have a special interest in supporting fisheries that are sustainable. We care a lot about the long-term survival of our oceans, so we have deemed it important to follow the recommendations of the world’s authority on Ocean Sustainability. We pride ourselves in sourcing only the highest quality seafood. Much of it comes from an Alaska fishery sustainable. It is a well-managed fishery with a long history of exceptional attention to sustainable practices – caught in a way that limits bycatch or any damage to marine environments such as coral reefs! As of January 2022, we calculate that 70% of the seafood we serve meets the standards acceptable to the Ocean Sustainability Project. We continue to strive to 100% sustainability for our seafood supply. What about the rest? Some species are already certified by other organizations, but don’t quite meet the Ocean Sustainability Project standard. Other fish species are in the process of certification but require more study, and some certified alternatives have limited availability and are very expensive. We’re working on the other 30% and will be bringing you specials from time to time with new Ocean Sustainability Project choices. If you’d like to learn more about seafood sustainability and responsible aquaculture, you will find links below to some of the world’s other leading certification bodies.
All About Ocean Sustainability Project