YYC Taco Fiesta 2018!

What is YYC Taco Fiesta?

A 6-day long festival celebrating possibly the greatest food on the planet - Tacos! Our goal is to raise money to support some deserving local charity organizations and create a strong sense of community through the Fiesta.

The Charities

The Calgary Homeless Foundation is the system planner for Calgary's homeless-serving system of care. It acts as the backbone organization that oversees implementation of Calgary's Plan to End Homelessness along with agencies, businesses, governments, the faith community, donors and all Calgarians. The goal is to develop a more eccective homeless-serving system that will end homelessness.

Kids Up Front works with 207 child-serving agencies, schools and government organizations to distribute tickets fairly and efficiently to thousands of deserving children each year. Kids Up Front provides children and teens with experiences that foster possibilities, passions and dreams... One ticket at a time!