Kids Menu

Kids Menu

( Every Kids Menu comes with a Kids Activity Sheet & a Crayon Pack. )

Hey Kids! Choose one item from each category to create your own Kids Meal! Includes one entree, one side dish, one kids dessert, and one small drink. When you have your decided on what to eat, make sure to visit the Kids Colouring Page or the Kids Facts Page to learn about ocean animals.

Choose Your Entree

1 Piece Fish
Mac & Cheese
4 Battered Shrimp
2 Chicken Fingers
2 Mini Cheese Burgers

Choose Your Side Dish

Fruit Cup
Garden Salad
White & Wild Rice
French Fries
Veggie of the Day

Choose Your Dessert

Dirt Dessert
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Fruit Cup
Ice Cream Sundae

Choose Your Drink

Fountain Drink